Why Vivos

Vivos treatment has eliminated Sleep Disordered Breathing in thousands of patients, both children and adults. No one else can say that.

What is Vivos?

The Vivos DNA Appliance System is a proprietary set of oral appliances that incorporate a patented technology that can remodel and restore the human airway to a more normal state.

Upon successful completion of Vivos treatment, patients often report no further need for other traditional ongoing nightly treatments.

Vivos is:


New hope from a breakthrough technology unlike any other


The end of a long and frustrating search for a solution that actually works


No surgery, no drugs, no pain…it’s actually comfortable!


Not just from the disorder itself, but from a lifetime sentence of having to treat the  disorder every night


Early treatment can prevent a life time of related health issues


Thousands of Vivos patients report a return to health and wellness…a return to normal


Treatment is reasonably priced and regularly covered by most commercial health insurers


Hundreds of specially trained dentists around the country are waiting to help


Why not use the latest technology to actually fix the problem now?  Why not today?

Get back to “normal”

Normal breathing is silent breathing through your nose.  Normal breathing is quiet and effortless.  It allows our bodies to go into normal deep and restorative sleep patterns, and to wake refreshed and ready to take on each new day. Snoring is not “normal” and it isn’t harmless. 

Snoring that is associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) can destroy your health and wellness and even cut your life short. 

Interrupted, restless sleep is not normal. Daytime drowsiness and chronic fatigue are not normal.  Cessation of breathing during sleep or gasping for air is not normal. ADD/ADHD in either children or adults is not normal.   Bedwetting is not normal. Underdeveloped jaws and narrow dental arches are not normal.  Mouth breathing is not normal.  Mental health issues tied to SDB / OSA are not normal.  Crooked / Crowded teeth are not normal. 

Up until now, patients with SDB / OSA have effectively been told that they will never return to normal.  They are told they will suffer from this condition for the rest of their lives, and that they will require some form of nightly intervention in order to control the condition. 

The two main nightly intervention treatments are CPAP and mandibular advancement using an oral appliance.  Patients using either of these two treatment modalities must do so every night for the rest of their lives or risk a complete return of symptoms or even death.

Vivos offers a better way—a way back to normal. You can get your life back. We’re here to help.

Clinical Research

The association of SDB with the common and debilitating health conditions listed here is well established in the medical literature.

The association of SDB with the common and debilitating health conditions listed here is well established in the medical literature.  More importantly, several published clinical studies and case reports clearly demonstrate the potential for complete elimination of these symptoms and conditions when the airway space is restored and functioning properly.

The most commonly prescribed treatment protocols for SDB and sleep apnea are CPAP and Mandibular Advancement with oral appliances.  These treatments can be effective, but they require a lifetime commitment and use, which many patients find objectionable.

The key difference with the Vivos DNA System is that treatment times can be limited, and the results often permanent.   So rather than a lifetime of hassle and wear, the Vivos DNA System offers the prospect of a complete elimination of symptoms and the chance to Breathe New Life.

Non-surgical upper airway enhancement

The Vivos DNA Appliance represents recent discoveries and is offering hope to millions who suffer from Sleep Disordered Breathing and it's related conditions.

What is the Vivos DNA Appliance System?

Vivos has developed customized oral appliances that incorporate a 
proprietary technology to remodel and redevelop the human airway.

Vivos DNA Appliances:

  • Are comfortable, painless, and easy to wear

  • Are Worn only in the evenings and overnight

  • Can provide both near term and long term relief

  • Restore and help maintain proper symmetry and alignment

  • Promote craniofacial and orthodontic correction

  • Give a broader, wider smile with improved esthetics

  • Allow users to experience both a higher quality and quantity of sleep

  • Can drastically reduce or even eliminate snoring

  • Promote a more beautiful, symmetrical, and attractive face

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for other lifetime treatment options

  • Restore normal breathing and sleep patterns which improve overall health

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