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Breathing Wellness Program

Companies all across America are discovering the value of Breathing Wellness for their employees.


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Do you know the very real cost of breathing wellness?

Employers all around the world are learning the very real cost of breathing wellness health concerns. Employees who suffer from compromised breathing often have interruptions to their work capacity, productivity and even lost time at work.


In a landmark report issued by Frost and Sullivan, the overall economic impact of sleep and breathing disorders is over $150 billion in the US alone.


How much is it costing your business?

About The

Corporate Breathing Wellness Program

Save Money. Impact Lives.

The Vivos Corporate Wellness program is designed to enable employers to impact the lives of their employees by participating in a new kind of wellness program.


The program provides companies and their employees with far reaching benefits.


Program Benefits:


Impact Lives

Increase Productivity

Save Money

The Impact

At Home

Family life is often impacted when one or more family members suffer from sleep and breathing disorders.


Often other conditions will arise which will impact emotional and mental health, heart conditions and overall physical problems.


Individuals who address their breathing wellness condition will be impacted personally and at home.

The Impact

To Health

Sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing impact overall health and wellness. Even mild-to-moderate cases have an impact to brain health, heart health and body health.


Individuals who continue to suffer will often present with other overall heath concerns such as chronic fatigue, daytime drowsiness and even muscle pain and fatigue.

The Impact

At Work

Individuals who suffer from sleep and breathing disorders are impacted at work in several ways:


Loss of time at work

Loss of productivity

Impact of workplace safety

Work satisfaction


The very real cost to companies who have employees who suffer from breathing wellness health concerns is substantial.

How does the Vivos

Corporate Breathing Wellness Program Work?

Corporate Programs

Vivos provides an easy way for companies to participate in this program. The program includes a complete package to help inform employees of their breathing wellness benefits:


Participation Benefits:


Breathing Wellness Welcome Kit

Free Breathing Wellness Workshop

Free Employee Breathing Wellness Check-Up

Free Screening and Health Records Analysis

Free CBCT Scan

Free Evaluation & Home Sleep Study

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