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The Vivos DNA Appliance System is the Clear Choice for Patients Seeking Real Solutions

Vivos DNA
Appliance System
CPAP Mandibular Advancement Devices Kids Mouthpiece Surgical Options As Seen on TV
Patient Age For Treatment Ages 3-80 Children and Adults Adults Kids Only Ages 4 - Adult Anything goes
Best Feature / Advantage Can Be Permanent Solution Readily Available Ease of Use & Effective Can Be Effective with Kids Can Be Effective Cost Less
Biggest Drawback Awareness Patient Intolerance Lifetime Wear Effectiveness can diminish over time Patient Intolerance Lifetime Wear Higher Risk, Uncertain results Failing to address the underlying problem
Lifetime Daily Treatment Required (Adults) No Yes Yes N/A N/A Yes
Potentially Permanent Solution to Adult OSA Yes No No N/A N/A No
Treats Mild to Severe Adult OSA Yes Yes Limited N/A N/A No
Restores Mild to Severe Adult OSA Patients to Normal Yes No No No Limited No
Addresses Underlying Causal Factors Yes No No Guided growth only No No
Naturally Remodels Airway Yes No No Yes No Sometimes
Restores Normal Quiet Breathing w/o Snoring Yes Yes Yes Yes Sometimes N/A
Provides Cosmetic Facial Enhancement Yes No No Yes Limited Unnatural jaw position
Treatment Time To Restore Health 12 - 18 mos. Lifetime Nightly Wear Lifetime Nightly Wear Varies No Can Create Malocclusion
All Natural Yes No Unnatural jaw position Yes No No
Straightens Teeth Yes No No Yes No Unknown
Medical Insurance Coverage Available Available Available Limited Coverage Sometimes Available N/A
Common Side Effects None Bacterial Infections, Noise, Facial Compression, Discomfort, Claustrophobia TMJ discomfort, dry mouth, open bite, tooth decay None Typical surgical risks; dependent on surgeon and type of procedure; mixed results No
Relieves TMD Pain Yes No No Limited No No
Remodels & Restores TMJ Yes No No No No Unknown
Helps Stop Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) Yes No No Limited No Unknown
Comfortable, Easy to Wear Yes No Yes Yes Can be painful Unknown
DISCLAIMER:   THE CHART ABOVE IS BASED ON OUR BEST INFORMATION AND BELIEF AND IS INTENDED FOR GENERAL INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.  IT SHOULD NOT BE USED TO DIAGNOSE OR MAKE TREATMENT CHOICES APART FROM THE ADVICE AND SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATION OF A QUALIFIED DOCTOR.  Nothing contained in this website shall infer or create a warranty, promise, or guarantee of any kind with respect to the clinical outcome or result from treatment in the Vivos DNA Appliance System.  Not all patients with SDB or OSA will be candidates for Vivos treatment.  Individual treatment times and results will vary.  The use of the Vivos DNA Appliance System appliances by any patient must always occur under the direction and supervision of a qualified, trained, and duly licensed dentist working in close collaboration with qualified medical personnel. 

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