Todd Huntsman

Sr. Vice President


Todd Huntsman



BS Exercise Science | Brigham Young University


An accomplished and performance-driven executive with a strong track record of delivering results, leading large sales teams focused on industry-leading execution and successful strategic enterprise customer management. Have demonstrated success in the ability to influence key stakeholders, strategic business planning, and annual financial creation-activation-execution. Leads strong teams to ensure the delivery of results. Possess cross-functional leadership and collaboration with Marketing, Clinical, Supply Chain, Finance, P&L Management and Customer Sales while balancing immediate results with long-term strategy.




Vivos Therapeutics, Inc.

Senior Vice President


Leadership role responsible overseeing the 800+ member Vivos Certified Provider program, including creating and executing the Vivos Integrated Provider (VIP) program. Developed processes and implemented strategies to profitably increase sales, improve clinical and product support bandwidth, and minimize loses. Led and executed the pediatric appliance manufacturing and distribution initiatives from design to distribution which included product development, forecasting, regulatory compliances, and maximizing efficiency.


  • Leads Vivos Sales and Support teams responsible for the go-to-market strategy and operational execution of all Vivos Therapeutics products and services for Certified Providers worldwide.
  • Responsible for worldwide pediatric appliance development and supply chain
  • Oversaw the development and implementation of a leading edge Online Certified Provider portal that offers Vivos’ proprietary diagnostic service, a new Online Rx solution, and provides a central reference point for Vivos Providers of critical resources.
  • Heavily involved in the ongoing technology projects to further enhance provider portal experience.





Ortho Ventures, LLC

Operations | Finance | Sales


Managed and executed start up procedures for opening a new business. Responsible for all business development including sales, financial forecasting, product planning and development, clinical strategies, marketing and strategic planning around the supply chain.


  • Partner with Chief Clinical Officer, suppliers, and Clinical customers to ensure execution of sales and education strategies
  • Responsible for Doctor Recruitment & Sales at Trade and Clinical events around the country
  • Manage day to day finance and HR operational processes
  • Oversaw financials and planning of $100K in monthly sales
  • Implement corporate financial processes and policies in order to maintain monthly budget allocations for all company initiatives



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