Susie McCullough



Susie McCullough



WISE Business Management Consultant: Licensed 2001, Hubbard College of Business Administration


Visionary Operations Executive with solid experience managing all levels of multiple projects including budgeting and administration. Strong history of delivering outstanding results through training, coaching and establishing accountabilities in organizations.  Results oriented, with a keen ability to improve systems and operational procedures.




Perfect Start / Orthovations

Vice-President of Operations Western USA


  • Create and purchase radio advertising, targeting parents of children who will be good candidates for Perfect
  • Start treatment
  • Handle parent calls in response to radio marketing Conduct Parent Informational Meetings to educate parents on Sleep Disordered Breathing and the Perfect StartTreatment System
  • Enroll doctors for Perfect Start Training Seminars
  • Develop training materials for the Perfect Start Training Seminars
  • Deliver training to staff and doctors during seminars
  • Provide on-site training and coaching to Perfect Start providers
  • Responsible for event planning and coordination for seminars in the Western Region
  • Responsible for the scheduling, operation and flow of the Live Clinical Training portion of Perfect Start Training Seminar
  • Partner with executive team to create business strategies for growth, marketing, and training



Dental One Partners

Director of Practice Development


  • Developed and implemented training programs and accountabilities to grow practice revenues including
    training on case presentation for doctors and hygienists, time management training for doctors and hygienists,
    financial presentation training for operations team, communication training for all team members.
  • Created and presented leadership training for all levels of the corporation.

  • Partnered with the Executive Team, the Clinical Panel and Regional Management to implement policies and
  • procedures to improve patient experience, operational procedures, and clinical protocols.
  • Created the Practice Development Training Team, developed job duties and descriptions, hired and trained
     Practice Development Team Coaches, provided leadership and management over this department and ensured
    successful training, implementation and accountabilities in 165 practices.
  • Partnered with Human Resources and Regional Leadership to create and roll out an improved hygiene
    compensation plan based on productivity. Provided on-going training and support to both the clinical
    team and operations to ensure that this was a win for patients, hygienists and the company.
  • Key member of the New Doctor Orientation Team, responsible to conduct 3 orientations per year for new doctors
    or doctors needing refresher training. Directly involved in determining flow of the 3-day training and creation of
    course material. Presented training on leadership, patient communication and case presentation?


Successful Management Solutions

  • Owner/Executive Director/Consultant
  • Provided consulting services for a wide range of health care professionals and practice owners including dentists, oral surgeons, physical therapists, Lasik surgeons and chiropractors. Established a base of over 1400 clients
  • Marketing and Lead Generation for potential clients including trade show booths, speaking engagements at conventions and meetings, direct mail campaigns, referral programs from existing clients, and free practice analysis program
  • Provided leadership, management, training and development and Human Resources support for consultants and administrative staff at Successful Management Solutions
  • Conducted all initial practice evaluations and analysis. Wrote individual programs for each practice and assigned members of consulting team to deliver training modules and programs
  • Presented financial costs for consulting services to clients, helped them obtain financing when needed and closed contracts for consulting services
  • Conducted ongoing surveys with clients to ensure that they were receiving a high level of service and seeing increases in revenues and production in their practices
  • Solely responsible to strategize and plan for the growth and expansion of Successful Management Solutions – began with providing services to dental practices and expanded into other health care fields and business



New Era Dental

Practice Owner/Executive Director


  • Provided leadership and management for 2 dental practices doing over $3 M combined. Owner of the Superior practice
  • Responsible for the recruitment, hiring, training and development of all doctors, hygienists and team members
  • Created and implemented marketing strategy including television, direct mail, practice newsletters, staff referral program and patient referral program, community marketing and events
  • Created growth strategies for the practices, including implementation of orthodontics and implant dentistry into the practices, hiring of an oral surgeon and prosthodontist in order to add specialty services for patients and to grow revenues
  • Responsible for site selection, permitting, supervising construction, purchasing of equipment and supplies, design and décor and staffing as we grew to two offices
  • Handled all treasury functions including accounts payable, taxes, payroll, and oversight of billing and collections
  • In charge of all regulatory compliance including HIPPA, OSHA, Department of Labor, FMLA, Colorado State Dental Board, etc.
  • Responsible for practice systems and operations, ensuring that all accountabilities were in place and adhered to





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