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Meet the people, technology and culture working behind the scenes at Vivos® to promote better patient experiences and outcomes.



Board of Directors

R. Kirk Huntsman

CEO, Director

Dave Singh

Founder, Director

Dr. Ralph Green, DDS


Executive Management Team

R. Kirk Huntsman

Chief Executive Officer

Dave Singh

Chief Medical Officer

Susie McCullough

Sr. Vice President

Brad Amman

Chief Financial Officer

Bryan Ferre

Chief Evangelist

Cat Bonar

Chief Compliance Officer

RaeAnn Byrnes

Sr. Vice President

Todd Huntsman

Sr. Vice President

Edward Loew

Sr. Vice President

Integrated Advisory Network

Vivos® is developing a global network of integrated advisors to support practitioners around the world.




Clinical Advisor

Vivos® Integrated Clinical Advisors are practicing clinicians who have demonstrated leadership and a commitment to developing new clinicians. They provide clinical guidance and collaboration.


Practice Advisor

Vivos® Integrated Practice Advisors are practice management consultants and coaches  who provide guidance and specific services in support of successful integration.


Market Advisor

Vivos® Integrated Market Advisors provide consulting, coaching and specific market intelligence in support of practice growth and market distribution.

Vivos® For Patients

At Vivos, we strive to provide useful information to help you when discussing your health concerns with your doctor. Our goal is to strengthen your relationship with your healthcare team to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

Vivos® For Healthcare Professionals

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At Vivos, we support healthcare professionals around the world who are focused on treating the root cause of sleep disordered breathing including mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea resulting from craniofacial deficiencies.

Vivos® For Investors

Our business is helping to address challenges throughout the world. We are helping to reduce the overall cost of healthcare by targeting a prevalent condition which contributes to many of the most expensive healthcare problems.

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