Vivos Therapeutics is making significant investments in specific programs to enable and develop general dentists who are expanding their multidisciplinary practice to include breathing wellness.

Enabling & Developing Breathing Wellness Dentists through the Vivos Integrated Practice Program.

A Multidisciplinary Practice

Operating a multidisciplinary general practice presents a particular set of challenges. The Vivos Integrated Practice program for general dentists is designed to provide all the tools and resources you will need to expand your practice to include breathing wellness.

Effective Patient Interactions

Integrating breathing wellness into an existing dental practice presents a set of specific challenges. Our program is focused on three key critical areas:


1. Patient Experience

2. Diagnosis and Treatment

3. Financial Operations & Medical Billing

Optimal Clinical Outcomes

As an Integrated Practice you will receive the required clinical continuing education to enable you to deliver optimal clinical outcomes for your patients.

Advanced Technology

The technology stack and integrated ecosystem required for precise diagnosis is complex. Vivos provides general dentists with a dedicated support team to help ensure the ecosystem remains reliable and stable.

Integrated Business Tools

VivosAire™ is a sophisticated software companion to the applications you use to manage your practice. VivosAire™ simplifies the process of integrating breathing wellness into your practice.

Effective Practice Management

As a general dentist, you will need to adapt your entire office to include new treatment protocols and a different type of patient interaction.


Our programs will provide the tools and acumen for managing the entire patient experience from screening to diagnosis and treatment.




Helping doctors help their patients.



Tools & Resources to Raise Awareness

We invest in the development of patient education tools and resources to help clinicians deliver the very best possible care for their patients.


We work with our network of doctors to develop and implement the very best practices and clinical protocols to help ensure the very best treatment outcomes.

Technology &


VivosAire™ Software

VivosAire™ is a proprietary technology platform and software designed to help facilitate the treatment of breathing wellness conditions. It is designed and engineered by top developers to meet the specific needs of clinicians working to follow proper treatment objectives and planning protocols.

Treatment Planning

Patient Management

Medical History


Insurance Billing



The Institute for Craniofacial Sleep Medicine™

The Institute for Craniofacial Sleep Medicine offers members advanced post-graduate clinical education and practical, hands on clinical training.


Clinicians participate in advanced workshops and clinical observation days to improve and hone their clinical skills.


Technology Management

Precise diagnostics and critical data analysis requires an advanced technology ecosystem. Vivos diagnostic support services provide valuable training and critical support functions.

Technology plays an important role in precise diagnostics and treatment planning. Vivos provides integrated practices with dedicated technical support resources for the advanced digital ecosystem.



Integrated Practice Advisory Services

Vivos Integrated Practice Advisory services is a global team of dedicated practice management consultants who work within integrated practices to improve operational efficiencies, train staff, ensure regulatory compliance and operationalize medical billing practices.

Front Desk

Back Office

Patient Interactions

Patient Flow

Medical Billing

Breathing Wellness Self-Assessment

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