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As a leading provider of breathing wellness therapeutic protocols and technologies, Vivos Therapeutics enables an integrated, multidisciplinary network of healthcare providers. We deliver sophisticated craniofacial diagnostics, biomimetic oral appliance therapeutic protocols and intelligent practice and patient management systems, data analytics and professional services.


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Planning & Delivery

Patients suffering from sleep disordered breathing, including obstructive sleep apnea or due to midfacial hypoplasia and/or mandibular retrognathia often present with other health concerns making treatment planning crucial to achieve optimal outcomes.


Vivos collaborates with physicians, medical specialists, adjunctive therapists, dentists and other members of a multidisciplinary team to develop and refine treatment planning and procedures to promote the best possible outcomes for patients.





Sleep disordered breathing, including obstructive sleep apnea is are often the result of a complex set of problems. No two cases are alike. Our approach to therapeutic protocols is equally diverse.


We work with doctors and dentists to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to ensure that contributing factors are adequately identified, considered and addressed.


We help to cultivate an inclusive and collaborative environment for doctors to share findings and fine tune their approach.




Many people who suffer from sleep disordered breathing and sleep apnea do not understand the condition. Patient education plays an import role in treatment planning and compliance.


At Vivos, we make considerable contributions to patient education. We develop interactive experiences and patient education collateral; and we work with doctors and their staff to develop educational content and hone their presentation skills to ensure patients are well-informed and understand the importance of breathing wellness.




Planning & Delivery

The Patient Experience

Every patient experience is unique from initial observation through diagnosis and treatment. At Vivos, we work with integrated practices to ensure a clear journey where the patient is informed, well-educated and prepared for their treatment.




The Institute for Craniofacial Sleep Medicine is an advanced learning center located in Denver, Colorado. The Institute offers advanced post-graduate and accredited continuing education courses for breathing wellness.


The Institute offers advanced practical courses, practice management and clinical operations.


The Institute for Craniofacial Sleep Medicine also offers continuing education courses through its workshops, which are held in cities throughout North America and through advance e-learning facilities.



Effective treatments begin inside effective practices. At Vivos, we have developed an integrated network of Practice Advisors. Integrated Practice Advisors are business and operations consultants who work within the network to help clinicians and their staff to optimize business operations, medical insurance claim management and billing as well as patient experience management.



Technology &


Vivos’ technology is just one of the contributions we make to help doctors and dentists provide the very best care for their patients.


VivosAire™ is software designed to help clinicians follow precise diagnostic and treatment protocols to ensure a comprehensive approach. VivosAire™ is a complete interactive tool to properly screen patients, gather clinical history and data, review and analyze diagnostic imaging and test results to help clinicians deliver comprehensive care for their patients.



Medical Doctor

General Dentist

Specialty Dentist






We promote and work with clinicians to develop effective multidisciplinary protocols for the treatment of midfacial hypoplasia and
mandibular retrognathia - a leading cause of obstructive sleep apnea.





Tools & Resources to Raise Awareness

We invest in the development of patient education tools and resources to help clinicians deliver the very best possible care for their patients.




The Institute for Craniofacial Sleep Medicine™

The Institute for Craniofacial Sleep Medicine offers members advanced post-graduate clinical education and practical, hands-on clinical training.


Clinicians participate in advanced workshops and clinical observation days to improve and hone their clinical skills.



Helping doctors help their patients.

We work with our network of doctors to develop and implement the very best practices and clinical protocols to help ensure the very best treatment outcomes.


Technology Management

Precise diagnostics and critical data analysis require an advanced technology ecosystem. Vivos diagnostic support services provide valuable training and critical support functions.



CBCT Scanner

3D Scanner

Console PC

Digital Camera

 Data Servers


3D Printer

Technology plays an important role in precise diagnostics and treatment planning. Vivos provides integrated practices with dedicated technical support resources for the advanced digital ecosystem.

Mobile Devices



Integrated Practice Advisory Services

Vivos Integrated Practice Advisory services is a global team of dedicated practice management consultants who work within integrated practices to improve operational efficiencies, train staff, ensure regulatory compliance and implement medical billing practices.

Front Desk

Back Office

Patient Interactions

Patient Flow

Medical Billing



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