Our Mission

Vivos Therapeutics, Inc.is the home of integrative and compassionate care for individuals suffering from health conditions associated with sleep disordered breathing. We never stop searching for and providing powerful and innovative therapies to restore normal healthy breathing and delivering a life full of vitality and happiness.

Our Vision | We imagine a world where…

Millions around the world suffer a variety of health conditions which have been linked to an inability to breathe normally during sleep. A narrow or compromised airway is often the result of improper development of the upper and lower jaws.

We imagine a new world, a place where children are free to run, jump and play without suffering the potentially devastating effects for impaired breathing during to a narrow or constricted airway.

We imagine a world where adults, are restored to normal healthy breathing and making an impact in health and wellness often compromised by an underlying condition.

The breath of life is the foundation of all living. We are committed to deploying whatever resources it takes to continue the discovery of better treatment and ultimately an end to sleep disordered breathing and related conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea.

Our Promise

You and your healing are at the center of our hearts, minds and actions every day. We rally our team around you, delivering compassionate, integrative cancer care for your body, mind and spirit.

We offer clear information, powerful and thorough treatment options, all based on your needs. We honor your courage, respect your decisions, and offer to share your journey of healing and hope.

Stakeholder Bond

As Stakeholders, we trust and value each other as special members of the Vivos family.

We appreciate one another’s unique talents, optimism and energy. We are empowered to make a difference, and we are grateful for the dedication and devotion we share with our patients and one another, every day.

We offer compassion, trust, healing and hope for those who need it most. We recognize our exceptional contributions, and strive to make Vivos a place where individuals can contribute their time and talents to the growth and expansion of our global network of healthcare providers.

Together, we celebrate our commitment to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of one another, and the people we serve.

A Standard of Excellent Care

Our purpose is to provide the highest level of care to our patients, our global network of caregivers, stakeholders and our business partners, with BREATHE NEW LIFE as our mantra:

Breathe New Life™

  • We will anticipate and exceed the expressed and unexpressed needs of others.
  • We will stop what we are doing to assist those in need or find someone who can.
  • We answer questions with compassion and sincerity.