R. Kirk Huntsman

Chief Executive Officer


R. Kirk Huntsman

BS Finance | Marriott School of Business | Brigham Young University


  • Led the creative effort behind the Vivos brand and the design of a unique oral appliance product. Led the effort to test, evaluate, validate and acquire the IP assets and comprehensive  oral appliance product line owned and developed by world-renowned clinical researcher Dr. Dave Singh, DMD PhD DDSc and BioModeling Solutions (BMS).
  • Negotiated and led the successful merger and integration of the Vivos product line and assets along with BMS and Singh IP assets into Vivos Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Recruited a world-class team of executives, advisors, board members, and clinical providers to execute on a strategic go-to-market initiative with a strong differentiated model and first-mover advantage.
  • Led the company through a series of successful rounds of capital formation, from a seed round through Series A, B, and (current) C rounds at successively higher valuations, most of which have been oversubscribed. Oversaw the selection process and eventual retention of a broker dealer group to lead the Company through a proposed initial public offering.
  • Led the collaborative creation of the Vivos Breathing & Wellness Center Integrated Practice model.


Ortho Ventures


  • Strategically rebranded, repackaged, repurposed, and relaunched a legacy orthodontic positioner product line manufactured by a third-party as a potential treatment for pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB).
  • Successfully executed a number of clinical training events in various major metro markets around the US. Tested various marketing strategies, and identified which mediums produced the highest financial ROI.
  • Cooperating extensively with pioneering US clinicians, this effort rapidly validated the core clinical and business thesis behind the company, but also uncovered what were believed to be significant clinical limitations of this product to predominantly pediatric applications.
  • Terminated all company efforts to continue distribution and marketing of this third-party product line in fall of 2015.


Nexus Dental / Xenith Practices


  • Nexus provided independent dentists access to discounted supplies, equipment, and lab services.
  • Xenith was a DSO (Dental Services Organization) that provided a range of dental practice management and support services to certain affiliated dental practices. Xenith acquired the Nexus assets in December 2013.
  • Xenith’s practices under management were sold in January 2015


ReachOut Healthcare America


  • Consulted with senior executives at Morgan Stanley Private Equities on their due diligence and evaluation of the company, leading to a successful transaction and Mr. Huntsman being appointed by Morgan Stanley as CEO.
  • Led integration team in effort to standardized clinical training protocols and operations in the company’s three main operating divisions located in Phoenix, Detroit, and Atlanta.
  • Handled various preexisting internal company compliance issues. Recruited and hired senior compliance officer and other key senior management. Worked with state and national regulators and Medicaid payors to resolve standard of care and clinical compliance issues.
  • Restructured the senior management team into more effective roles with clearly defined objectives and responsibilities.


Dental One Partners


  • Co-led merger/restructuring of Dental One with Dental Care Partners, including the development of a comprehensive new organization and management structure.
  • Developed and executed a corporate restructuring and integration plan, saving over $5 million in corporate G&A (mostly from Dental Care Partners). Reduced headcount, restructured employee benefits, renegotiated vendor agreements, streamlined supply formularies, restructured leases, and implemented best practices across the company.
  • During Mr. Huntsman’s final 18 months with the company, despite a full-scale integration of the two companies, and throughout a severe recession, EBITDA grew to all-time record levels, and Dental One hit its lofty earn-out targets, which had been considered largely unachievable by the Company’s new Private Equity sponsors.
  • During 2009, under Mr. Huntsman’s leadership, combined company EBITDA grew from $12 million to $21 million.
  • After his departure in the early part of 2010, company EBITDA for the year reportedly dropped off significantly.




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