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Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) includes Sleep Apnea, and is a debilitating health condition that often goes undetected. SDB may be the root cause of many of your most perplexing health symptoms.

Common Adult Symptoms
Chronic Allergies
Anxiety & Depression
Daytime Drowsiness
Attention Deficit
Crooked Teeth
TMJ Pain
Frequent Urination
Chronic Fatigue
Common Child Symptoms
Chronic Allergies
Aggressive Behavior
Mouth Breathing
Swollen Adenoids/Tonsils
Daytime Drowsiness
Crooked Teeth
Restless Sleep
Lower IQ
Frequent Nightmares
Dark Circles
Frequent Headaches
Arrested Growth
Low Grades in Math & Spelling Difficulty in School

Symptoms of SDB are often overlooked or misdiagnosed.

Individuals who suffer from SDB will often present with seemingly unrelated symptoms which range from slightly annoying to serious behavioral and physical conditions.  This helps explain why over 80% of patients who suffer from SDB remain undiagnosed and untreated.  This is why it is absolutely essential for patients to seek a proper diagnoses and treatment from qualified, informed, and highly trained doctors who know what to look for and how to render a proper diagnosis.

The Vivos Story

The proprietary breakthrough technology behind the Vivos DNA Appliance System originated from the extraordinary vision and leadership of Vivos President and Chief Medical Director, Dr. Dave Singh DDSc PhD DMD.  Dr. Singh’s pioneering research over 15 years into epigenetics and craniofacial malformations eventually led him to develop and refine our unique set of comfortable oral appliances.

By 2009, Dr. Singh had written a book, "Epigenetic Orthodontics in Adults", and had published important papers describing the scientific basis of his technology and the efficacy of his oral appliances in major clinical and professional journals.  With that research as the foundation, Dr. Singh formed a company, BioModeling Solutions, and began teaching and training select dentists around the world how to use this remarkable technology to do what had never been done before—actually remodel and restore human airways in a non-surgical, non-invasive, all natural way.

Dr Dave Singh, President of Vivos speaks to SenateDr Dave Singh, President of Vivos speaks to Senate

Dr. Dave Singh, President of Vivos speaks to US Congress on Sleep Apnea

By 2016, Dr. Singh and his team had trained well over 600 dentists throughout North America and around the world. Before long, thousands of Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) patients around the world began sharing their own stories of renewal, of a restoration of deep sleep, and of an elimination of their sleep apnea, snoring, and a plethora of related health conditions.  It soon became clear that Dr. Singh’s unique oral appliance technology was impacting the lives of thousands of patients around the world, and it was time to take things to the next level.

In August of 2016, Dr. Singh merged BioModeling Solutions into Vivos BioTechnologies, Inc. and aligned himself with an experienced team of dental industry professionals led by Vivos CEO and Chairman, R. Kirk Huntsman.  Their mission is to positively impact the lives of millions of SDB sufferers around the world by offering the world’s first proven and potentially permanent solution.

Today, Vivos has the technology, the team, the vision, and the resources to turn that mission into a reality.

The Vivos DNA Appliance is delivering hope.

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Normal breathing during sleep is uninterrupted, restful, quiet and consistent. Normal breathing is critical to getting the type of regenerative sleep the body needs to function and to maintain health and vitality. Vivos will help restore health and vitality by naturally enabling your body to breathe normal.

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