How it Works

The Vivos DNA Appliance System enables your body to naturally correct the malformations in your mouth and jaws which often cause SDB.

A Compromised Airway

Sleep Disordered Breathing and related conditions including Sleep Apnea are usually the result of a compromised airway due to malformations in the mouth and jaw.

Your mouth is one of the most important parts of your body.  Research has shown that its form is as important as its functions.  The shape of your mouth directly impacts your ability to breathe.  From birth, your genes as well as environmental forces help to form the shape of your mouth.  Your genes are programmed to control the formation of your mouth to create an arch that is 38 to 42 mm wide between the left and right molars.



Environmental and hereditary factors impact the expression of these genetic codes and can result in an arch that is too narrow and a palate that is too high.  These malformations compromise your airway.  A compromised airway results in diminished airflow and prohibits your ability to achieve proper oxygen levels in your blood.  Often it is also the cause of crowded or crooked teeth and an asymmetrical facial structure.

For many years, it was believed, that making corrections to the arch could only be done in the formative years as a child.  The latest research and Vivos DNA Appliance biomimetic technology have proven this to be a misconception.

Visible Signs of a Compromised Airway

An individual with SDB or a related condition will have symptoms which are seemingly not related to proper breathing. Symptoms can range from physical illnesses and mental or behavioral issues.

Breathing is critical for your body to perform all of its functions correctly. Interrupted or compromised breathing patterns will cause virtually every aspect of your physical and mental health to be impacted.

In some cases, you will see noticeable physical signs of a malformed dental arch. Crooked teeth, difficulty swallowing and persistent nasal congestion may be signs. You may also see physical signs such as improper alignment of the face, a crooked smile or an offset jaw line.

Non-surgical enhancement of the human airway

The Vivos DNA Appliance works with your body to gently and naturally reform the structure of your of your mouth and jaw. During treatment your body will gradually redevelop the formation to its proper place allowing your airway to become unrestricted and restore your breathing to its proper place.

The Vivos DNA Appliance works with your body to realign and reform your mouth, jaw and arch.

Open Your Airway With Vivos

The Vivos DNA Appliance gently expands the upper arch in three dimensions increasing the size of the nasal cavity.  As the upper arch is expanded, the lower jaw is able to move forward into a more natural position.    As the jaws move forward, it brings the tongue and soft palate forward as well, resulting in an increased airflow volume in the airway.   The Vivos DNA Appliance works to naturally to open the airway and enable you to breathe normally again.

Case A

Mid-sagittal slices from a 3D cone-beam computerize axial scan, showing the upper airway changes using the same combined maxillo-mandibular protocol. Note that the upper volume has increased from 11.8cm3 pre-treatment to 27.5cm3 post-treatment, while the minimum cross-sectional area has increased from 141.2cm2 to 379.8cm2 post-treatment, using the combined maxillo-mandibular protocol.
Singh and Cress. J Sleep Disord Manag 2017, 3:014

Case B

The Results

Individuals who have been treated with the Vivos DNA Appliance have experienced remarkable results.

Improved Airway
Better Breathing
Increased Energy
Improved Appearance
Enhanced Cheekbones
Improved Arch
Cosmetic Enhancement
Improved Sleep
A Better Smile
Straighter Teeth
Improved Focus
Less Stress
Decreased Anxiety
Improved Looks

The Vivos DNA Appliance is ideally suited for both children and adults. Each appliance is specifically selected by a Certified Vivos Provider who can determine the best solution for you.

Unlike other dental appliances, which use brute force to simply move the jaw forward to open the airway, The Vivos DNA Appliance works comfortably and at the cellular level to optimize the underlying structure of the bony and soft tissues that surround and create the human airway.

The Vivos DNA Appliance can be a permanent solution.

Vivos appliances is comfortable to wear, painless and is only worn at specific times.  Treatment does not requires surgery, pharmaceuticals, or injections.

Vivos appliances works in harmony with your body to naturally correct tooth alignments, improve facial development and open the airway to permanently eliminate Sleep Disordered Breathing and its related conditions.

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