Vivos for Children

Vivos offers new hope and the first real solution for millions of children who suffer from Sleep Disordered Breathing.

Does your child exhibit any of the chronic and serious health conditions listed below?

Common Child Symptoms
Bed Wetting
Chronic Allergies
Aggressive Behavior
Mouth Breathing
Swollen Adenoids & Tonsils
Daytime Drowsiness
Crooked Teeth
Restless Sleep
Lower IQ
Frequent nightmares
Dark Circles under the Eyes
Frequent Headaches
Arrested Growth
Low Grades in Math & Spelling
Difficulty in School

If so, they may have Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB).

Children who can’t breathe and sleep normally often can’t get the oxygen their young minds and growing bodies require.  All conditions listed above have been directly associated with SDB.

The Vivos DNA Appliance System provides an all-natural, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical means of effectively treating many of the debilitating health conditions your child may be experiencing.  Every child deserves the chance to have a normal, healthy, happy life.  If your child is struggling, give Vivos a chance.

You are not alone. What every parent needs to know.

A survey of over 500 children revealed that 9 in 10 exhibited at least one condition associated with SDB. Unfortunately, few healthcare professionals are able to fully connect all of these symptoms to their common root cause—an underdeveloped mouth and jaws and a constricted airway.  Children who can’t breathe and sleep normally, predictably exhibit one or more of the chronic and debilitating conditions listed above.  

The Vivos DNA Appliance Treatment Program Can Help

The Vivos DNA System promotes the guided growth and proper development of a child’s mouth and jaws, allowing their airway to expand to its full potential.  As that happens, most or all of the associated symptoms simply disappear.  Give your child the chance they deserve to live a normal, full and healthy life!  Vivos has the answer to your child’s health issues.

The Vivos DNA Appliances:

A series of specially designed mouthpieces worn mostly at night
Guides the growth and development of the mouth and jaws
Can be effective at correcting virtually any malocclusion (crooked or crowded teeth)
Helps avoid the need for braces
Helps eliminate improper oral habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrust, etc.
Creates wider smiles with straight teeth
Naturally brings the upper and lower jaws into proper forward position
Develops permanently positioned dentition with no relapse later in life
Serves as an effective myofunctional therapeutic device


The Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation with a Vivos healthcare provider, you and your doctor will discuss everyday life with your child. Your doctor will perform a number of measurements and will determine if the Vivos treatment program is right for your child.


Custom Treatment Plan

Once a proper diagnosis has been completed, Vivos will build a custom appliance for your child to wear.


Custom Vivos DNA Appliance

Your child's custom Vivos Appliance will arrive in a few short days and you will begin the treatment program. You will begin to see changes immediately and in a few short weeks, your child will be restored to full health.


Measuring Progress

Throughout your child's journey, you will return to meet with your healthcare provider to measure progress and make any adjustments or adaptations needed to get the maximum benefit and the best results.