Edward A. Loew

Sr. Vice President


Edward A. Loew



Arizona State University – Bachelor of Science




Veebo, Inc.


  • Completed the curriculum at Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies in temporomandibular disorders and full mouth reconstruction
  • President of ‘The Multidisciplinary Association for the Study of CranioCervical Pain’ (MASCCP) in Edmonton for 10 years
  • Earned a mastership from ‘The International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics’ (ICCMO) after research and publishing a thesis on the impact of jaw position in Multiple Sclerosis. Presented this research in Fukioka, Japan in front of 300 delegates in 5 languages
  • Acts as Canadian Regent on the board of ICCMO
  • Is the head of the Mastership committee in ICCMO


Veebo was a mobile marketing company designed to help retail merchants grow revenue through loyalty, increased customer visits and interactive mobile engagement. Veebo utilized a combination of mobile technology, social network marketing and merchant website assets.


  • Obtained over $4MM funding from 2 prominent Angel Funding Organizations
  • Successfully deployed marketing strategy to achieve company footprint in 29 major cities
  • Notable accomplishments include featured on the cover of USA Today, Popular Science Radio, Anderson Cooper Show, and dozens of other noteworthy publications
  • Built successful team of C-level executives and mid-managers to achieve corporate goals.


Amerifund Diversified Funding

Chief Operating Officer


  • Established marketing and sales strategy that increased assets under management by over 400% in 12 months.
  • Established investment committee protocals and underwriting standards to attract institutional capital. Member of Investment Committee.
  • Project Manager for launch of the Amerifunds Secured Loan Fund II, LLC.
  • Achieved project sales and account targets in the Asset Deployment and Investment arenas.
  • Project manager for the development of the company’s asset management department as well as the company’s capital deployment software interface.




CDI Capital Group, LLC

President and Chief Operating Officer


CDI Capital Funds, Ltd., a Cayman Islands company, and its United States service company, CDI Capital Funds USA, Ltd., headquartered in Los Angeles, constitute an international investment firm focused on private equity investments in India. I worked in Mumbai and Pune, India where I served as Project Sales Director for CDI Capital Group, an investment firm focused on private equity investments in India.


Responsible for negotiating and structuring joint partnership agreements between publicly traded real estate development companies and third party financing sources in Mumbai and Pune, India.


IMH, Inc

Vice President – Director of Operations



Founder of a publicly reporting / privately held investment company. I participated directly in the sourcing, underwriting, and funding of greater than $1.5 billion non-traditionally financed transactions.


  • Co-Authored PPM that was used to raise over $950MM.
  • Member of Key Management team that managed corporate growth from 6 employees to over 120 in four years.
  • Negotiated several joint venture partnerships totaling over $450MM that included participations with Lehman Brothers and Fortress Investment Group.
  • Member of Investment Committee approving over $1.5B of deployed capital.






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