We serve a global community by serving our local communities first.


Joe Womack, Chairman of The Board


We believe in being good neighbors. Our internal programs are designed to inspire our leadership and staff to always remember to return with honor.


Being a good corporate citizen requires us to always measure performance using metrics that affect the real lives of the people and communities we serve.


Our most important metric is the potential number of lives saved each day. We measure it, track and reward the people who are on the front lines making it happen.


But citizenship does not come without responsibility. At Vivos, we measure what matters most and we reward good corporate behavior.




Citizenship & Responsibility

Vivos, we believe that’s what we do, that’s who we are. We take our responsibilities very seriously.

Committed to our


The cities, towns, and communities where our employees live, work and raise their families are more than places — they’re our hometowns. Vivos offers corporate citizenship programming, provides resources and financial support to those in need, and encourages employees and staff to volunteer where we can make a real, lasting impact in our local communities.


Hometown Programs


  • Elementary School Mentoring
  • Breathe New Life Initiative
  • Life Science for Kids
  • Family Education Programs




Mission & Purpose

The Vivos protocol began as an idea in the mind of Dr. Dave Singh, a clinical professor. Over the years, our company has evolved. The leadership has changed, with new faces all around. But one thing has never changed - our unwavering determination to accomplish our unified mission - to rid the world of obstructive sleep apnea.


We are an evidence-driven company with a bold, audacious goal. We recognize the daunting task at hand, but we will not shirk the moral responsibility.


Each member of our team understands the importance of our work.


We will not stop until we accomplish our mission.


A Place For

Inclusion & Diversity

We are proud of our heritage of diversity and inclusion. We recognize that innovation does not happen in isolation. Making it happen begins with a smile, a quiet resolution and an unwavering commitment to work hard.


We are building a global team that is on the front line in the fight against one of the most pernicious and pervasive health concerns of the modern era. It is a monumental task.


At Vivos, we join hands, hearts and minds in our relentless pursuit in an environment of inclusion and compassionate service for all mankind.



Integrity & Compliance

We appreciate the institutional and governmental agencies created to ensure corporate responsibility through regulation. We recognize our personal and corporate responsibility to always act with integrity. We make a consistent effort every day to understand the guiding principles and regulations by which we are bound. We dedicate time, resources and talent to ensure we always appreciate the boundaries set by local, state and international regulators.


We are unwavering in our commitment to act with integrity.





We are unabashed and unashamed of our pursuit. We work on the frontier of innovation in healthcare.


We are unabashed and unashamed of our work.


At Vivos, we have a responsibility to conduct ourselves with the highest levels of integrity in everything we do. This enables us to build on the credibility of our brand, maintain a strong reputation, and continue to build on our track record of performance.






We live, breathe and thrive in a potentially beautiful world. We believe in acting responsibly with the natural resources we have been entrusted with. We integrate health, safety, and environmental considerations into all aspects of our business,


Vivos protects its people, its communities, and the environment to achieve sustainable growth and accelerated productivity.






About Our



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