One of the leading causes of Sleep Apnea is a compromised airway.


Company Information

Vivos BioTechnologies, Inc. provides transformational medical technologies and professional services that are pioneering a new age of patient care and healing for individuals facing the challenges of a narrow or obstructed airway.


We have assembled and dedicated the time and talents of some of the world's brightest minds to the discovery and development of innovative medical devices and systematic therapeutic treatments for Sleep Apnea, a pervasive and destructive health condition.


Our expertise in Sleep Apnea and related disease is helping clinicians discover, diagnose and effectively treat their patients.

Why do we exist?


At Vivos, we believe in the Breath of Life. We believe every man, woman and child deserves the opportunity to live a healthy, happy life, full of energy and vitality. We believe, among the noble pursuits, it is the pursuit of happiness that is the most noble. We believe in every individual. We believe that all, if given the opportunity to thrive,  are both capable and inspired to do great things.


We recognize the importance of good, healthy breathing. We understand the vital, fundamental role the breath of life plays in early childhood development and healthy living for adults.


How we do it?


We have dedicated the time and extraordinary talents of some of the world's brightest scientists and leading researchers to develop innovative products which, enable natural healing forces to gradually correct malformations in the jaw and eliminate narrow obstructions in the human airway.


We work side-by-side with medical professionals, doctors and dentists, around the world who share our beliefs and core values. Our professional partners gain new insight, expertise and Professional Certifications on their journey to become a better healer and Certified Provider of The Vivos System.


What we do?


We provide hope for healing for millions who suffer from a narrow or obstructed airway.

The Breathe New Life Global Initiative


Breathe New Life is our global initiative to provide better breathing for people around the world through innovation and partnerships.

If you suspect that you or someone you love is suffering from a compromised airway,
you should consult a qualified Vivos professional for advice.

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Begin your journey with Vivos today. We invite you to talk to a Vivos expert.

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