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Cody Teets is currently the Board Chair for Vivos Therapeutics and a Board Trustee for Regis University. In her role at Vivos, she serves on the Governance Committee as well. At Regis she holds positions for both the Investment Committee and Academic Advancement Committee. She was successful improving operations at Dress for Success as a director.


As Board Chair of Vivos, a private company, and as a Trustee of Regis University, Cody makes unique contributions in the following areas of governance and board management using her experiences in management and directorships - - -


Risk Management / Contingency Planning:

  • Guidance to senior leadership on the approval and execution of the strategic planning process
  • Acted as Sarbanes Oxley Signatory


Human Capital Management / Talent challenges / Officer Succession Planning

  • Provided inquiry and input around recruiting, external benchmarking and appraisal process(es) in conjunction with third party compensation experts.


Franchisor/Franchise Operational Relationships:

  • Presided over strategic positioning of franchisee and franchisor leadership.
  • Facilitated collaborative discussions and decisions for major new and existing revenue generation


Officer Succession Planning:

  • Provided input and structure for officer development and succession planning, ensuring the company had highly qualified management and succession plans
  • Led the executive committee for an Executive Director change at Dress for Success


Mergers and Acquisitions:

  • Facilitated bi-annual review of asset base and corresponding ROI as driven by ownership decisions, lease terms and industry benchmarks
  • Developed and leveraged a strategic franchise plan to ensure facilities were owned and operated by the best qualified individuals, driving revenue five points above the market average


Cody is an entrepreneurial operations executive with experience leading a $2B market for McDonald’s Corporation. Continental US experience includes oversight and accountability for 800 restaurant multi-state market, inclusive of strategy, finance, human capital management, marketing, operations, and property development. Drove revenue, profit and market share growth for the 8th largest global market of the McDonald’s Organization. Served in the executive role for continental US franchise relations, working closely with senior leadership to influence the turnaround strategy for 2,800 independent entrepreneurs and 14,000 restaurants.


MBA - Regis University, BS in Marketing and Accounting - University of Colorado. Affiliate professor with Regis University and certified through Kellogg School of Business and Harvard Direct.



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