A suffering child.

Every night in America, an estimated 9 out of 10 children suffer from
Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB)

And every day those same kids experience a wide rangeof debilitating SDB related health disorders, such as:

Does your child suffer from SDB?

How do I know?

Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children

Millions of children suffer from sleep disordered breathing. Many of the symptoms are not considered serious or dangerous so it is often overlooked. If your child has the following symptoms, it is possible that SDB is the underlying cause.

Lower IQ
Chronic Allergies
Aggressive Behavior
Mouth Breathing
Swollen Adenoids & Tonsils
Daytime Drowsiness
Crooked Teeth
Restless Sleep
Bed Wetting

Frequent Nightmares
Dark Circles Under the Eyes
Frequent Headaches
Arrested Growth
Low Grades in Math & Spelling
Restless Sleep
Mouth Breathing
Difficulty in School

Do you or someone you love suffer from a sleep disordered breathing condition?

Discover today how Vivos can change your life.

Recent Discoveries Connect SDB with Common Problems

Only recently have health care providers and researchers begun tounderstand the impact of SDB on these symptoms.

Recent discoveries have revealed a connection between many common conditions found in many children. Sleep Disordered Breathing causes oxygen deprivation and is a major contributing factor to many common childhood health disorders.

Children are often prescribed powerful pharmaceuticals to treat these problems. These drugs rarely treat the root cause of the problem. 

Now for the first time, there is a natural, permanent, and more effective method to treat SDB in children. 

Vivos is an oral appliance therapy, delivered by dentists, which addresses the root causes of SDB.

It has been specifically designed to promote the proper growth and development of the oral cavity, the jaw, and the upper palate. As these areas develop more fully using Vivos, your child’s airway widens and expands, enabling them to breathe properly through their nose. 

As they do, many of the symptoms of SDB simply disappear. 

Vivos also naturally straightens teeth and can actually prevent the need for braces in approximately nine out of ten kids. 

So not only does it help create healthier, happier kids who can breathe, it can also prevent one of life’s more costly and uncomfortable dental treatments–ugly metal braces. 

Best of all, early treatment with Vivos creates beautiful smiles that will never relapse. Rarely has there ever been a single product or system with the power to impact your child’s health in so many positive ways. 

As a parent, you owe it to your child to give them every chance to succeed.

A whole new world. Breathe new life.

There is nothing quite so challenging than to watch your child suffer. Vivos will help you open up a whole new world of possibilities for your child. Discover today how Vivos could help make dramatic changes in the life of your child. Schedule a consultation today.

Do you or someone you love suffer from a sleep disordered breathing condition?