Cathryn H. Bonar

Chief Compliance Officer


Cathryn H. Bonar




Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA — Bachelor of Science, 1996-2000


  • Policy and Continuous Improvement Development
  • Manage FDA Guidelines and policies are implemented and followed
  • Maintenance of Compliance Manual and coordinating SOP’s
  • Responsible for maintaining documents for correct record keeping and compliance
  • Working knowledge in regulations, policies and nationally accepted standards regarding the use medical devices in the healthcare industry
  • Manage any and all matters regarding regulatory compliance
  • Handle Quality Assurance/Control and safety
  • Manage Biocompatibility testing
  • Ensure all Manufacturers are Certified and Registered with the FDA
  • Medicare/Medicaid and HIPPA Compliance
  • Ensure all employees are trained and knowledgeable on compliance and FDA regulations and guidelines
  • Manage, compile and review Customer Satisfaction and Customer Complaint files
  • Review and approve any and all company labeling and packaging
  • Manage Quality Management System policies and procedures for clarity, accuracy and compliance with US, Canadian and European regulations
  • Assist with the planning and preparation of 510k submissions
  • Manage PACE-AGD registration for proper and efficient continuing education compliance



Reimbursity Medical Billing Services

Partner Owner/Manager


  • Created and Implemented Medical Billing Processes for billing Medical Insurance for Dentist and Oral Surgeons across the country.
  • Managed 16 employees
  • Processed and Trained employees how to complete Verification of Benefits with medical payers across the country.
  • Trained employees on how to create Letters of Medical Necessity for providers billing for procedures billed to the medical insurance for reimbursement.
  • Worked one-on-one with Dentists across the country for medical billing success.
  • Traveled and Lectured on successful medical billing for the dental and oral surgery practice across the country.
  • Trained oral surgery offices how to create treatment plans for patient care coordination utilizing medical insurance.
  • Conducted Webinars for continuing education on the medical billing process.
  • Processed Medicare Applications for surgery and durable medical equipment for Doctor’s across the country.
  • Handled credentialing with commercial and government payers and CAQH and NPPES for doctors across the country.
  • Worked with patients of doctor’s offices across the country from time to time to assist in coordination of medical benefits.
  • Worked alongside the sales team to sell the out-sourcing medical billing services with Reimbursity.
  • Created, Process and Follow-up with submitted 1500 claims for medical reimbursement.
  • Assisted in creating a CRM to track the processing of Verification Requests, Pre-Authorization Requests and Claim processing.



Areas of Expertise/Skills/Certifications


Management, Leadership, Customer Service, Team Building, Professional Communication and Relationship Building, Medical Billing, Medical Coding, FDA Compliance, Continuous Improvement.

Private Practice




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