Bryan Ferre

Chief Evangelist


D. Bryan Ferre

AA Al Collins College


Bryan Ferre became Chief Evangelist at Vivos in 2017 just three years after his wife of fifteen years died suddenly and unexpectedly from sleep apnea. Bryan brings over twenty-five years of experience in executive creative roles. Bryan is the consummate evangelist. His passion for the Vivos mission is evidenced in everything he does.


Bryan's storied career began as a humble graphic designer. He has a keen eye for great design and he recognizes the importance of elegant creative in communicating a clear and concise brand story. Bryan is a story teller - weather it is on one of the thousands of impassioned phone calls each week or as he contemplates the Vivos story in words, graphics or on film.


Bryan's background is diverse and adds value at every level of the organization. His insightful approach to strategic challenges contributes to execution from the c-suite to the amazing work being done in the field. Bryan is a well known for his unique, visionary approach to business strategy and modeling. His contributions to the strategy team at Vivos include the development of the Integrated Network, Integrated Practice and Institute for Craniofacial Sleep Medicine.


In 2018, Bryan led the internal effort to design the Vivos Integrated Network. This shift within the company has opened new doors and opportunities.


  • Directed the design and development for the Vivos | Breathe New Life brand identity
  • Directed the design and development of the Vivos Integrated Practice Program
  • Directed the design and development of the Vivos Integrated Network
  • Directed the design and development of the Institute for Craniofacial Sleep Medicine brand
  • Serves as Chief Marketing Officer
  • Oversees the Vivos Self-Assessment Kiosk initiative.
  • Directs global sales activities
  • Directs the development of the Vivos Integrated Advisory program.




1991-1994 - Art Director

Nature's Herbs® by Twinlab®


Orem, Utah


  • Directed the design and development for the packaging, marketing and merchandising for the Ayurvedic line of herbal supplements.
  • Directed the design and development of collateral marketing and merchandising for the Traditionals® line of herbal supplements.
  • Provided art direction for the complete design and development of a three-part series of product catalogs featuring over one hundred individual products.



1995-1997 - Senior Art Director

West + Associates


Washington DC


  • Interactive Creative | Development Director
  • Developed & oversaw the design of web sites during the early days of the Internet for:
    • Verizon
    • CareerBuilder
    • Fannie Mae
    • Kennedy Cetner for the Arts
  • Provided creative and design for notable clients
    • Verizon
    • Nextel
    • Kennedy Center for the Arts
    • Center for Missing & Exploited Children
    • AMS
  • Provided creative and strategic sales for the agency
  • Served as Treasurer & Board Member of The Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington DC
  • Recognized in national publications:
    • The Loupe
    • How Magazine



1998 - 2000 Senior Interactive Art Director



Salt Lake City, Utah


  • Interactive Creative | Development Director
  • Oversaw a twenty-four member creative team
  • Directed all creative services for notable clients:
    • Intel®
    • Iomega®
    • GatherRound.com®
    • EastmanKodakƒ
    • InFocus®
    • WebOutfitter by Intel®


2001 - 2003 Creative Director/Partner



Washington DC


  • Founded Cymbeo
  • Directed Business Development & Creative Services
  • Provided Design Build services for notable clients:
    • Alcan
    • Alcoa
    • DeBeers
    • Newmont Mining
    • RioTinto
    • Quadrem
    • Toll Brothers
    • West + Associates
  • Cymbeo was acquired by Anderson Group



2003 - 2008 Chief Marketing Officer

Firstline Wave


Orem, Utah


  • Served as Chief Marketing Officer
  • Developed national sales strategy
  • Developed sales process and implemented national direct sales initiative
  • Increased revenue by 443% over three years to $185MM
  • Developed national recruiting and training program
  • Trained over 1400 sales people



2008 - 2010 Chief Executive Officer/Founder



Bluffdale, Utah


  • Founded Zipadi Technologies
  • Designed and developed a mobile application rapid development environment and platform-as-a-service
  • Recognized at the DEMO Conference in 2009
  • Acquired more than 1200 user/customers
  • Zipadi was acquired in 2010 by Elevate®
  • Appointed to the Board of Directors at Elevate for one year.



2011 - 2015 Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Bryan Ferre Creative International Partners


San Juan Capistrano, California


  • Directed the design and development of the RapidScale brand
  • RapidScale was acquired by Cox Communications in 2018
  • Directed the design and development of the WEAVE Education brand
  • Directed the design and development of the WEAVE Education software platform for Assessment in higher education.
  • Delivered addresses at the Assessment conference at Virgina Tech in 2012, 2013 and 2014
  • Developed brand identity and strategy for over 300 clients
  • Authored and published Fundable | The Art & Science of Attracting Capital



2017 - Present Chief Evangelist

Vivos Therapeutics, Inc.


Denver, Colorado







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