Breathe Normally

Proper breathing during sleep is critical for optimal health and overall wellness.

What is normal breathing during sleep?

What’s it like to breathe normally? It’s silent breathing through the nose. And, normal sleep is  quiet, peaceful deep and straight through the night. Normal healthful awakening is alert, full of energy and full of life…ready to take on the day with excitement and expectation.

Quiet Restful Sleep

Awake Rejuvenated & Energetic

Interrupted, restless sleep is not normal. Daytime drowsiness and chronic fatigue is not normal. Snoring is not normal. Cessation of breathing during sleep or gasping for air is not normal. ADD/ADHD is not normal. Bed wetting is not normal. 

Underdeveloped jaws and narrow dental arches are not normal. Mouth breathing is not normal. Mental health issues tied to SDB/OSA are not normal. Crooked/Crowded Teeth are not normal.

Vivos Restores Normal.

The Vivos DNA Appliance will restore health and wellness.


A Potentially Permanent Solution

Unlike other alternative treatments, The Vivos DNA Appliance offers hope for a long-term, potentially permanent solution.


All Natural & Painless

The Vivos DNA Appliance enables the body to restore health and wellness naturally.


Affordable & Covered by Insurance

The Vivos DNA Appliance is affordable and covered by most insurance plans.


Health & Vitality

Health and vitality are restored when you are able to breathe again. The Vivos DNA Appliance and treatment program will restore health and vitality and enable you to live a full, productive and happy life again.

The Vivos DNA Appliance is delivering hope.

A Real Solution

The Vivos DNA Appliance System will change your life.

Find a Doctor

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