Dr. Bhaskar Savani

Special Advisor to the Board

Dr. Bhaskar Savani is a Graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry [Year 1995 Philadelphia]; prior to attending Temple University, Dr. Savani earned a Masters Degree in Applied Chemistry and Post Graduate Diploma in Textile Chemistry from The M.S. University of Baroda, India.

Dr. Savani is the Founder, President & CEO of Savani Group Dental Practice based in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. Savani Group manages over 65+ dental offices, employing 100+ Dentists in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Iowa. The foundation and business model of clinical dentistry is based on serving the underserved and lower socio-economic population while providing the best facilities equipped with the latest technology in dentistry.

Dr. Savani is also a visionary of creating a web based Dental practice management Software called Dentaweb®, which can also provide linkage to understand patient’s medical conditions and necessities while treating patient
for dental condition. Dr. Savani has also spearheaded several dental lab ventures with a primary focus on creating strategic alliances with dental prosthesis fabricators around the globe. Dr. Savani’s latest dental lab venture serves an expansive client base of Dentists across the United States. In 2015 Dr. Savani acquired Michigan, USA based Osseolink® Dental Implant Company.

Dr. Savani also serves as a Director for Fidelio Dental Insurance Company. Fidelio is a health insurance operator in Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware.

Dr. Savani is also the President and CEO of the India-based Agriculture Produce Marketing Company-SAVANI FARMS working toward uplifting socio-economic structure of farmers by creating new market for their produce while preserving wild life and eco heritage of India. Dr. Savani has lobbied extensively to lift the ban on Indian Mangoes in the United States. Dr. Savani is the first legal importer of Indian Mangoes to the United States using gamma radiation to mitigate the fruit fly and pest risk. [Google keyword: Bhaskar Savani mango] In 1985 working as an education officer for non-profit conservation organization W.W.F. [World Wild Life Fund- India], Dr. Savani has developed a vision of creating agricultural plantation corridors using native trees like mangoes to connect isolated wild habitats of India and preserving the food chain of wild animals while supporting farm to fork concept to help farming community.

In 2002, Dr. Savani acquired Organica, a Norristown, Pennsylvania based biotech firm to form Organica Biotech Inc. and served as a CEO and then after as a Chairman of the Board. Organica Biotech Inc. is a company with an environmental friendly vision is to reduce toxic chemical use in daily human life by creating enzyme-based products for home, garden and industrial use. Organica holds several patents and EPA registrations. Besides American Dental Association, Dr. Savani is also a supporter and past-member of U.S.-India Business Council (USIBC). USIBC is the premier business advocacy organization, established in 1975, under U.S. Chambers of Commerce, comprised of America and India’s top-tier companies, whose aim is to deepen two-way trade and strengthen commercial ties between U.S.A. and India. Dr. Savani, a U.S. citizen is 52 years young, married and has two daughters, currently residing in Ambler, Pennsylvania and loves mango, wildlife, hiking & nature expeditions.