Sleep Apnea Doesn't Have to be a
Life Sentence

Vivos brings new hope of a potentially permanent solution.

My Baby Girl Is Struggling

What if there was a way to bring her life back to normal?

Breathe New Life

Every day, millions struggle with Sleep Apnea.   

Let's Fix That!

Unleash your child's true potential

Restore natural, normal breathing and optimal health with Vivos.

Say Goodbye to Nighttime Ugly

Vivos can restore your sleep and your best self - day or night.

To breathe well is to live well.

Breathe well with Vivos.

Discover how Vivos is helping individuals who suffer the effects of compromised breathing.

Over a hundred serious health conditions have been linked to abnormal breathing.
Maybe its time to find out how well you're breathing.

The Vivos DNA Appliance System is delivering hope.

A Real Solution

The Vivos DNA Appliance System will change your life.

Find a Doctor

Our easy-to-search tool will help you find a Vivos certified healthcare provider near you.

Go Ahead, Breathe Normal

Normal breathing during sleep is uninterrupted, restful, quiet and consistent. Normal breathing is critical to getting the type of regenerative sleep the body needs to function and to maintain health and vitality. Vivos will help restore health and vitality by naturally enabling your body to breathe normal.

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Normal Breathing Promotes a Great Nights Sleep, Health & Vitality and A Full, Productive Life

Deep & Peaceful Sleep

Silent & Restful

Alert & Full of Energy